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What to expect from Jaguar Blades

Two hydraulic circuits

  1. Parallel height adjustment

  2. Tilts on center

Maximum cutting edge visibility reduces operator stress to get your project done accurately and efficiently

Jaguar X2100 pull dozer with angle indicator.

Universal laser/gps  mounts and compatible with drainage software

Strong corner digging ability

Finished with an industrial grade coating

One machine for digging and leveling, leave as smoother finish than a scraper

Carefully engineered for strength to give you a product that holds it's value

Smooth Rolled face prevents dirt from sticking

Jaguar Light Duty

Jaguar 16 Light Duty blade

The Jaguar Light Duty line is the entry level blade. With the shorter hitch and option of shorter axle arms it excels in yards and feedlots, while still doing good at field drainage and ditching. Available in 14 and 16ft and up to 350 hp, it does good paired to a front wheel assist tractor or a lighter 4wd. Heavier than a box scraper, but lighter than a pull dozer it holds a class of its own.

Jaguar Heavy Duty

Jaguar 18HD pull dozer with serrated cutting edge.


The Jaguar HD line was specifically designed for customers needing a blade that could handle a lot of hard work and a bit of abuse, while still staying cost effective. Available in 16 and 18ft and rated for up to 450hp, it’s a strong design that offers high value. 

Jaguar X

The Jaguar X Series is our largest line of blades. It excels in heavy field work and large construction sites. Specifically designed for 4wd tractors it can comfortably handle 600-700hp. A rolled front face and corner bits extending ahead of the cutting edge ensures maximum penetration in hard soil, while retaining loose dirt. it has the size and brawn to handle aggressive digging in hard soil.

Four wheel drive tractor with a Jaguar X 2000 Pull Dozer in a farmer's field ready to do some field drainage.


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